2 List Building Mistakes To Stay Away From

A subject seems to be overlooked in terms of how to guides, with a large percentage of the blogging article writers out there simply talking about generating revenue from blogs.
The point of this article is to demonstrate that it’s all fine and well to have a superb looking blog, for any keyword or set of keywords, but if you don’t have a process in place for monitoring the traffic and then modifying your blog to either enhance your standing on those terms, or changing the blog to increase exposure to other keywords, then actually you are making the job a whole lot harder for yourself.
And trust me blogging is not easy, to create unique and fresh content on a consistent basis, that will capture and keep the interest of your readers is not as easy as it sounds. So having a good stats programme or system in place is very very important.
For this article I will be discussing 3 programmes that I know work very well on wordpress blogs, whilst there are a lot of other blogging platforms out there, I personally use wordpress after having an initial spell with blogger.com. I prefer wordpress hosted on my own server as it gives me total control over all elements of the blog.
In my time writting my elottery syndicates I have mainly used the following 4 stats programmes (all free by the way) Statpress, Woopra, Firestats and Wassup. Stat programmes differ in the information they give you, however most will tell you:
1) the search term
2) the search engine
3) date/time
4) position in the search engine rankings
5) Provide a link so you can see the exact search.
Most of the stat programmes will also tell you information like country, system used and length of time on your site.
Okay I am going to start with my favourite stat programme Woopra. This is probably the newest stat programme on the internet. In fact it is so new that it is still being tested. I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the beta testing panel for my lottery blog.
And Woopra features a normal site based stats plugin so when you’re on your blog, you can see stats in an instant. However it also has a very clever desk top application, which allows you to monitor almost everything from your desktop with no need to log into your blog to see the stats.
Woopra is the most impressive stats programme I have ever seen, it provides you with details on everything (in real time) and gives you options to customise the display, so you can see the stats that matter to you.
A new feature they are developing is the ability to actually instant message people on your site. A very clever function indeed, you can see what page someone is on and what search term or method they used to find your site, then you can click on “talk to visitor” and hey presto you can send them a message. How impressive is that? If your interested you can apply for your site to be consider for this programme, however as it is in beta testing, they developers are only accepting a few sites at the moment.
There are other options, lots in fact, and all offer very good levels of site visitor stats. Another one I have used in the past is called Statpress. Statpress offers a great level of detail of all your visitors.
Again it is as close to real time as you can get. It features a simple breakdown of visitor by keyword, search engine, country etc. I did find that Statpress was very database heavy, so if you have a site getting a few thousand unique visitors a day, it will soon create a huge database on your server.
Wassup is a more basic stats programme which seems to not create the back of up data onto a database, and as such will not create a slow down on your server after having it installed on your blog/site for a year or so.
Firestats was the first stat programme I put on my Lottery blog, and this is what made me understand that stats are important. Again it displays a lot of data, search engines, rank, terms etc of your visitors. Like Statpress over a year or so it will create a big database on your server, so you may want to wipe it every year or so, to ease the load on your server.
Knowing exactly where your traffic comes from and how you rank for that term is vital to ensure longevity of your blog. At the same time looking at the search engine pages, also enables you to see where your main competition is in comparison to your site.
So there we have it, stats are important and can help you to maximise the performance of your blog or site. If you don’t already have a stats programme set up why not try one of the above and learn all about your sites traffic, and then start to work out how to increase it. Once you have the traffic then you can develop the income.
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