5 Celebrity Eco Homes

Many celebrities spend their fortunes on large lavish homes with stunning appliances, large open spaces and state-of-the-art technologies. They try and find investment property that might fit their celebrity lifestyle. However, a new trend is emerging amongst celebrities for eco-friendly green houses that help the environment. Some of these homes actually create enough energy that they contribute to the national grid, whilst others will never have to pay a penny in energy bills. But even though these homes are green, they are most definitely not boring – read below for 5 celebrity eco homes that are large, expensive and over-the-top.

1) Darryl Hannah

Darryl Hannah is well-known on the celebrity circuit for her environmental work as much as she’s known for her acting work and appearances in some of the biggest-grossing movies of our time. Her converted coaching inn is situated up in the Rocky Mountains and is pretty much entirely solar-powered, with a bio-diesel generator to provide electricity just in case there isn’t enough sun! Next door to the coaching house, Darryl also has a huge winterised barn made from reclaimed wood – and inside, Darryl has a huge stone covered with moss that also doubles as a (rather uncomfortable) sofa.

2) Orlando Bloom

International film star and all round lovely celebrity Orlando Bloom is a green machine – green paper, the Orlando Sentinel (namesake Mr. Bloom) described how Orlando was building his very own eco-friendly home in London, using the very best state-of-the-art green technology, such as special insulating glass, solar panels and energy-efficient light bulbs. Orlando said that the finished home cost nearly twice as much as he’d budgeted, probably because of the new technologies included, but he’s also keen to stress that being green isn’t about spending money – unplugging your phone charger or using different light bulbs is a step in the right direction.

3) Leonardo DiCaprio

Although Mr. DiCaprio used to be well-known for being a heartthrob as well as a brilliant actor, these days he’s less about the image and more about being eco-friendly. Leonardo has discussed living green with Oprah and even interviewed Bill Clinton on climate change a few years back. His home is filled with green technology, including solar panels, organic bed sheets as well as a $3,000 energy-efficient toilet. (No, we don’t know how a toiler can be energy-efficient either).

4) Johnny Depp

Reclusive film star Johnny Depp has his own Caribbean island that he’s currently in the process of turning into a fully self-sustaining off grid property that runs only on solar power and hydro power. The island is a 35 acre plot and we’ve no doubt it will be one of the most stunning celebrity homes we’ve ever seen when it’s finished – it’s just a shame about his commute to work!

5) Jessica Alba

Leading lady Jessica Alba is 5th on our list with her sustainable green home. It seems that since Alba became a parent, she’s turned into a bit of an eco-warrior – her home is decorated in entirely non-toxic paint and is furnished with bits and bobs made from recycled material. There’s also plenty of art made from recycled materials and she also has ‘grass’ made from recycled tyres in her back garden. And her eco status doesn’t just end in the home – she also makes every effort to dress her little one in organic clothing.

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