New Jersey Powerboat Club (NJPBC), is a 200+ member strong organization is one the most prolific clubs around. Our members are passionate about attending offshore races, powerboat rallies and boat shows. Our club is a sociable one, with members who own all types of boats and come from diverse backgrounds. This helps eliminate cliques and the feeling of a “closed” organization to a privileged few.

Our mission statement is:

“A club that focuses on providing our members exciting 1st Class on water events

while inspiring great camaraderie and fun throughout the seasons”

Back in 1998, myself (along with co-founders Ray Patnaude, Bob Cleveland & Rick Engstrom) organized three poker runs and a radar shootout, knowing that producing quality events would earn members’ confidence and build the club’s reputation. The NJPBC includes a Planning Committee that consists of 14 members. The committee steers the club, basing its agenda on member feedback. Like the overall club, the committee consists of owners of both larger and smaller boats, so everybody is represented in the planning sessions.

NJPBC differs from other organizations that are in business to produce large (and expensive) powerboat rallies. NJPBC is a club that focuses on providing our members exciting events—including top-quality events. We give our members the best boating experience for their dollar.

Safety, fun and camaraderie are the 3 most important aspects of all our events.  Camaraderie is what makes NJPBC such a great organization. Boating alone is a great experience but when you go boating with 6, 12 or more boats at a time the fun factor multiplies 10 fold!

I hope you will take the time to join our club and participate in the fun that we have!

Thanks for your interest!


Dave Patnaude


New Jersey Powerboat Club LLC