Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Allow me to explain how I teach affiliate marketing for beginners. This is best done with an example. What I will do in this article is give you a real life example of how I got one of my friends to make his first sale online. That friend was skeptical at first and had a hard time believing that it was really possible to make money with affiliate marketing. I’ll tell you what I told him:

Forget the big picture for now. Forget crazy sums of money like $1000 per day or those flashy houses and sports cars you see on those website scams. Just concentrate on making your first online sale. If you can make just $1 online then there is nothing stopping you scaling that up into any sum of money you like. Affiliate marketing for beginners should always start this way! So let’s get to it. How did I help my friend make his fist sale?

1. I chose a market and a product. I knew that a certain type of computer game copy software was selling well so I decided to go with that. You can look for products and sales stats over at the ClickBank market place.

2. I chose a good keyword for him to use. When people search the internet they search certain words. To make money online you need to get into the mind of the person searching. I asked myself: “What would a person looking for game copy software type into Google?”

I used the free Google keyword tool to check which related words were being searched. The keyword I decided to use was “Xbox game copy software.” I could see there wasn’t too much competition and many people were searching for that so it looked good.

3. I had my friend write a short article outlining the benefits of buying this kind of software and at the bottom he added a link to the software via a domain he had bought for $1.25 ( domain). He used the keyword in the title, once in the opening, once in the conclusion and a few times in the body of the article.

4. He submitted the article to EzineArticles and waited.

It took a few days for the article to be published but it immediately started getting traffic once it was out there on the net. Within 5 hours of the article being published he had his first sale of $22. Over the next 3 weeks the article made 3 more sales. So $88 for 20 minuets work dripped in over the next few weeks.

That friend who made his first online sale from that article is now a fulltime internet marketer. He has progressed from that first ‘affiliate marketing for beginners’ lesson and has built a business! He never has to travel to work, he has fired his boss, he has no money worries and he has time to spend with his family. There is nothing stopping you doing exactly the same thing but you need to take a small amount of action now. Plant the seed and watch it grow into a mighty oak.

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