Airsoft Desert Eagle – Highly Effective Airsoft Handgun

Unlike the reality war zones, Airsoft war zones are fun and entertaining. Everything in the Airsoft war games is real except the injury, pain and consequences. These games involve quick thinking, good firearms and nimble feet.

Airsoft Desert Eagle is one of the most used guns in the Airsoft games. These are good support weapons. You just need to tuck them in your vest and your enemy will be ready for some nasty surprises. Desert Eagle is a licensed product of the Israeli Military Industry. The Airsoft Desert Eagle is an exact replica of the pistol and is equally aggressive. It can hold against any Airsoft guns, you just needed to know how this pistol is used for your advantage.

Airsoft Desert Eagle is a fully automatic high end pistol. This is perfect for countering any type of gun fire. You can quickly draw the gun and fire for your life. These pistols come with adjustable hop up and have got a very high capacity magazine. If you are going for a gas powered Desert Eagle then the weight and the blow back of gas will add to the real feel of these guns.

The gas powered Desert Eagle is much more powerful than other guns in this regard. When gas gets heated, it jettisons the pellets. If you want to get the best results than keep the gas as well as the pistol warm. When your enemy will come near you, you don’t have to do anything, as your Airsoft Desert Eagle will speak for you.

Gas powered Airsoft Desert Eagle guns, needs not be re-cocked after every shot. However, its only drawback is that these have a tendency to freeze when these guns are repeatedly fired. It needs to be re-warmed. Thus, you need to take a break from shooting when you are in such a situation.

A good gas powered Desert Eagle pistol will cost you around $140. The magazine capacity is around 40 bullets. If you prefer the spring powered ones then you can also buy them at affordable prices. Your selection is entirely dependent on your choice.

The Desert Eagle is one of the most impressive hand guns out there in the market. Not only these have a great range but also these are highly accurate, reliable and have a great realistic feel to them. These guns come with a wide range of process. This magnum type pistol has become a legendary name in the world of Airsoft weapons.

Tokyo Marui is a major manufacturer of Desert Eagle pistols; they manufacture pistols in three versions, gas powered, electric powered and regular spring pistols. These pistols come in new and exciting colors like silver, tan and black. The price of the spring version and electric ones are $20 and $50 respectively. Your choice or selection of Desert Eagle guns will also depend upon whether you are buying it for casual shooting purpose of for aesthetics. Before you buy it make sure that the Desert Eagle gun that you are buying is of good quality, as there are many cheap airsoft bb guns  that are fake replicas of gun available in the market. The fake ones are also not suitable from safety point of view.

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