Best Free Android Puzzle Game Apps

With more than 25,000 apps available for Android devices, it can be difficult to find the top Android applications. Here are the best free puzzle games for the Android.
5) Unblock Me

Unblock Me is a free Android puzzle game produced by Kira Games. Unblock Me consists of square puzzles filled with multiple wooden blocks and a single red block. The goal is to move the red block out of the puzzle through an opening on the opposite side. Initial puzzles require little more than sliding two wood blocks to clear a direct path. Advanced puzzles require dozens of precise slides with the red block frequently covering every inch of the map before squeezing through the exit.

Unblock Me works well with Android touch-sensitive devices and can easily be played with one hand. The game includes hundreds of free maps and allows users to pay for additional maps. Unblock Me also includes a high score feature which tracks the fewest number of moves used to complete each map. There are many map puzzle apps, but Unblock Me is one of the best free Android puzzle games.

4) Word Search Unlimited

Word Search Unlimited is a free Android puzzle game produced by Jiuzhangtech. Word Search Unlimited is a classic word search game where players hunt for specific words hidden in a maze of jumbled letters. Words are selected by dragging and holding the Android touch screen.

Word Search Unlimited includes support for multiple languages and customizable backgrounds. Players can choose from different word dictionaries and Word Search Unlimited includes a randomizing mechanic that ensures no two puzzles are the same. Jiuzhangtech does offer a paid version of the game, but whereas Word Search Unlimited is one of the best free Android puzzles games, the paid version is not worth the price.

3) Thumb Maze

Thumb Maze is a free Android puzzle game produced by Ecrodaemus. Thumb Maze is a simple maze game in which players must guide a red ball through a blue maze. The mazes are timed and high scores can be uploaded to the Thumb Maze leaderboard.

Thumb Maze is remarkably fun for a free Android game and most puzzles takes less than a minute to finish. Touch sensitivity is much improved in the updated version of Thumb Maze and the free game now has more than 300,000 total downloads. Thumb Maze makes the cut as one of the best free Android puzzle games.

2) Sudoku Free

Sudoku Free is a free Android puzzle game produced by Sudoku Free takes the classic sudoku puzzle game and adds several clever features that improve the game on Android phones. Sudoku Free includes multiple difficulty levels and a timer that tracks across play sessions.

Sudoku Free allows both thumb pad and keyboard controls and consumes less memory than most sudoku competitors. Puzzle solvers will enjoy Sudoku Free and consider it one of the best free Android puzzle games.

1) Math Workout

Math Workout is a free Android puzzle game from Workout Games Ltd. Math Workout is a unique game which includes a variety of math mini-games and challenges. It is odd that a developer would consider creating a game based around math, but Math Workout is entertaining and challenging.

Math Workout includes seven game modes and three levels of difficulty. Players can compete online against friends or family and high scores are saved onto a leaderboard. Not only is Math Workout a fun diversion, but consistent play can improve your math skills as well. Math Workout is the best free puzzle game for the Android.

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