Cell Phone Cancer Debate Continues With Latest Research

This week a report was released based on cell phone cancer risks in the ongoing discussions about the potential problems and concerns. There are those who believe that there is more than ample prove that cell phone emissions can cause cancer and there are those who believe that cell phones are safe. It has been the conflicting reports that have created confusion and mainly it is due to the length of time involved in studies which have been released. The latest one, from BMJ publication has come out and is the largest study which has been conducted to date on this subject. In it, they followed well over 300,000 Danes for over 18 years and with the results of the study, they have determined that cell phones do not appear to pose a health risk for causing cancer from the emissions.

In the study, those who were heavy cell phone users and those who were not appeared to have the same results. Long term cell phone users did not show an increased risk of cancer as a result of the study. They do note that there should be additional study conducted as a continual process to make sure that there is not a change to the findings with increased monitoring of long term cell phone users. This latest study is not going to end the on going debate regarding the use of cell phones and the possible relationship with brain cancer.

Each side in this on going discussion has their way of thinking and belief and this study is not going to alter the way that many people feel. Some recent studies have found that there is some interaction between the brain and the cell phone emissions, but there have not been conclusions on some of the findings as to whether they are good or bad. Further study needs to be conducted. And that is much of the problems with all of these studies as just about every single one seems to indicate that more study needs to be done.

A conclusion for all of this is difficult to come to when every study concludes that more study needs to be done. The debate on this is going to continue until there is reasonable proof that cell phones do have a causation relationship with brain cancer. Trying to prove that it does not is difficult to convince those who believe it does other than there is no evidence to prove it. Hopefully, manufacturers will begin to alter their phones to reduce the amount of emissions which come from the cell phones in the future, if for no other reason than to reduce the concerns of a segment of the population.

There is always going to be a wide variance between phone manufacturers and the amount of radiation that they emit. That is not going to change and it is always important for those who are concerned about the reported issues with the radiation emissions to review the list of phones before purchasing one to get the least emitting phone as possible.

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