Create an Account with USPS and Expand Your Business

If you are one of the many business owners or entrepreneurs that ship a lot of packages, or even if you only ship every once in a while, it is advantageous to create an online account with the United States Postal Service (USPS). The benefits of having an online account with USPS include ordering shipping supplies and having them sent directly to your house and requesting pick ups of your packages right at your front door. No more running to the post office and forget the lines!
It’s easy to start an online account, just go to the USPS website, which is and click on the sign in link. Once there sign up for your own online account. You can set up a business account, a personal account, or both!
By signing up for an online account, you will save yourself and your business precious time, which usually leads to saving money as well. Along with shipping online, you should consider shipping via priority mail. Did you know that all priority-shipping supplies are free? Not to mention, by shipping priority, you don’t have to worry about the weight of your package as long as it’s less than seventy pounds. If you do need to weigh your packages, mail-weighing scales can be purchased in your local post office and online.
A lot of people choose to continue shipping the old fashioned way, mostly because it’s nerve racking to learn new technology and go through the trouble of setting up pick ups. The first time may be a little difficult as you feel your way through this new way of shipping, but in the long run your change will pay off. Successful businesses are businesses that aren’t afraid to change and find more efficient ways of accomplishing everyday tasks. Maybe starting your online account with USPS will be your first step in increasing your efficiency and increasing the success of your business!

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