How to become more successful in 7 steps on Twitter

Insert outstanding visual content

Ever heard? If not: High time to produce such content. Proven Tweets, which are supplemented with good pictures and graphics get a lot more retweets.
This factor must be taken into account and designed according to a tweet, so that there is room for the picture. By default, Twitter includes the (short) link to the integrated image in the tweet so that there is less room for the actual message.

Publish short and easy tweets

Very obvious, to publish only short messages in a “short message service”. For real? Unfortunately not, because every day I see tweets that blow up the actual format of Twitter.

This is unfavorable, not only because Twitter users have learned over time to favor short and compact tweets. Such short and compact tweets are much easier to capture and make it easier for users to see the abundance of inbound tweets when they get the same information with less overhead.

And by the way, such tweets are also much more shared than is the case with longer tweets. That’s because long tweets do not leave enough space to effectively stage the retweet.

Use words that lead to more retweets

Goal: He wanted to find out which words appear most in retweets. This is the only way to know which words are the first to initiate a retweet. His study found that words like “how to”, “check out” or “free” are more common in English retweets. Of course these words do not work in German, you have to translate them accordingly.

But you do not have to be a genius to realize that “free” or “how to …” creates a heightened awareness among people that naturally leads to retweets. Here you can look up a lot, but should also test yourself, which works best in individual cases. If you want to get in direct contact with your followers, you have to.

Ask interesting questions

Sounds banal again, but it is very effective. First, you learn what your followers think about certain topics and tweets. But more importantly, you show interest in your followers and engage them.

This approach is well received by many people, because only then can they learn that they are part of the big picture. No joke: those who are interested in their followers and engage in active dialogue will almost always receive feedback. Whether this leads to a discussion can not be guaranteed.

However, the chances that followers identify more with their own brand, because they are more concerned with being authors, are much higher than if they do not. It does not hurt at all – quite the contrary!

Make the profile descriptive and inviting

What applies to websites must also apply to a Twitter profile. Again, the difficulty: You can not omit endless, as far as the texts for the presentation of the own person or the own company concerns. You have to be brief.

Although Twitter has drilled the profiles and now offers much more space than before – the more space is largely related to the header graphics. There, of course, you can accommodate meaningful information, but it is just bound to the embedding in the graphics.

It is better to make the biography short and crisp but interesting. Potential followers must feel invited and immediately realize the added value of the Twitter profile. So what can you offer to people on Twitter? That’s the central question to be served. If you can do it (on a thematically appropriate level in relation to your own niche), then it works with the range.

Moderate high-quality third-party content

“Content Curation” is no longer a trend, but just a few months ago it was one of the “buzzwords” in the social media universe. Basically, “curating” content is nothing more than forwarding interesting tweets from others and making things accessible to their followers that they would not otherwise have found.

You can also go beyond the pure retweet and actively package third-party content and tweeting independently. At first glance, this does not generate any coverage, for example for your own website. But you have the chance to establish yourself as a multiplier in the medium to long term.

If that is done, then existing and potential followers have more confidence in their own person (as a brand). This lowers the threshold for spreading your own tweets. If you then bring your own content, you can benefit greatly, because this content then pay directly on your own reach and on your own reputation.

Tweet personal stories from everyday life

There’s no Twitter account without a personal touch! However, this does not include pictures of your own children or pictures taken during your vacation. Rather, it’s about staging yourself and what you do. For individuals, they may be recording sessions you have attended.

If these pictures show interesting contents, which have a thematic relation to the own target group on Twitter, then that makes sense. For companies, corporations and companies followers are interested in the classic look behind the scenes. What happens inside a company? Also here: No pictures of the Christmas party, but recordings that show how to work.

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