How to Buy Your Gig for Good Rating and Avoid Fiverr Ban

Hi guys and hope you are all good. Looking for what to post here for sometime now and really could not find any cause i think i have covered most things that need to be covered. But one way or the other, something always come up and here it is.

In the last couple of days, many sellers accounts were banned for irregular purchasing activities. Once your account gets banned for this, there is no coming back – that account is gone for good.

Even if you contact support, you will get a response like the one attached to this post. So what does this irregular purchasing activities really mean?

Irregular purchasing activities simply means getting others to buy your gig just to game the system and boost your ratings and feedback. A lot of us are guilty of this – me included. Its the only way to actually get the sales going and attract that first customer.

But a lot of you are doing it wrong and that’s why you were caught. Fiverr system like i always said is built to recognize some out of place activities. Activities that is not normal and that’s how you get caught. The system don’t lie and that’s why you can’t convince them to restore your account.

I mean come on, there is no way two people can come to an agreement on a trade without having a discussion or conversation. Especially two people who do not know each other and there is no way they can ever meet face to face or at least the system is meant so that you don’t see face to face.

You have to meet on the Fiverr platform and agree on what to do and how its to be done. Fiverr forbids you to even meet outside the system. So if someone purchases a gig from another person with no conversation between them, it means one thing. They have done it outside the system and according to Fiverr, its a sin and you must be punished for being a sinner.

You buy something from someone and he delivered nothing and in return the buyer gives the seller a stellar feedback and 5 star rating. To the system, something is wrong somewhere. Its a sin and sinners will be caught and punished.

Another thing most people do is just deliver something totally different from what the gig says. Imagine someone who is a graphic designer delivering a sample of article just to quickly get the feedback and get things over with. The system or at least the staff sees that as arrangee things. Its a sin and the penalty is a ban.

Most people also tell the other guy buying their gig to give them that over the top feedback. Things like

“this is the best graphic designer on fiverr right now and the best in the world. Jesus, i will order 30 more. You need to buy this gig now!”

And what the seller delivers is a graphic design that is no where good. What do you think the staff will see? Of course two people who planned to game the system and this is also a sin and you must be punished.

This one is the one that is most obvious and its what i have been advising guys here to be careful of. You are selling articles and a buyer like yourself selling articles is buying from you. To Fiverr, its not a good sign of a legitimate purchase.

This is why outsourcing at times can put you in trouble if not done right. Don’t ask a seller who is into Facebook likes to purchase your Facebook likes gigs. Its definitely will put you in trouble.

This is when you are buying your own gig yourself on the same system. If Fiverr system sees a seller who buys a gig from another seller on the same IP, then the system feel something is wrong somewhere.

They know its not possible for two people to have same IP, so when a transaction like that goes down, the system flag both accounts. They believe its one person buying his own gig just to game the system.

So don’t buy your own gig yourself on same system and if you do, make sure they are on different IPs and at no point must the two accounts open on the same IP.

Simple. Just avoid things i mentioned above and make sure the whole conversation and feedback with the goods delivered look natural. If its out of place then you will be caught and dealt with.

Losing an account you have worked so hard for is painful and you should not let it happen to you. Just get others to buy your gig and make sure you make things look as natural as possible.

In a bid to quickly start making sales, some get reckless and do things the way its not supposed to be done.

I know some are ignorant of this, but now you do. So go now and sin no more because the kingdom of Fiverr is at hand and it can come at anytime. I hope you understand what i mean.

Have a good morning guys and cheers

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