HTC Droid Eris Launches, Alongside Motorola Android

You’re probably aware that the Motorola Android will be making its debut on the Verizon network today, but did you know there is another Droid model that will be coming out as well? HTC’s Droid Eris, which is just a revamped version of the HTC Hero by Sprint, will be making its debut alongside the Motorola Android but it has gotten less attention and is less expensive than the Android.
For only 99 dollars (after $100 mail in rebate) HTC’s Eris offer similar features as the Droid including a 528 MHz processor, a 3.2 inch display, WiFi, the micro SD expansion up to 16 gigs, and a five mega pixel camera. However it does not include a slight a QWERTY keyboard or high resolution display.

The Eris is a little bit thinner and contains a proximity sensor to turn the screen off when you hold it up to your ear.

Another major difference between the two phones, we’ll be the user interface (UI). The HTC Eris will run the Android 1.5 while the Motorola Android will run the Android 2.0. This basically makes the Eris obsolete the day it hit stores.

Why is the Eris being released tomorrow? Is releasing two Droid models on the same they a smart move by Verizon?

The Droid Eris is a fantastic phone for those who are new to using Smartphone or has never used and iPhone or Blackberry. It is also ideal for those cell phone users who are interested in purchasing an Android, but cannot afford the hefty price tag the Motorola Android comes with. Not only that, but many phone users simply do not need or want the advanced features on the Motorola Android such as a physical slide out a keyboard.

Additionally, HTC has added features to the Android 1.5 that are not available in the Android 2.0 such as a pinch – to – zoom in the photo viewer. Knowing that, but HTC has said that will bring Android 2.0 to the Droid Eris two words the end of the year.

Still, will consumers rush to the Droid Eris? Or will the majority buy the Motorola Android, a phone that has received a lot of press over the past couple months, has more features and upgrades, and costs a little more than the ERIS.

Perhaps, the lower Droid Eris is a clever marketing strategy by Verizon to increase sales on the Android? If each phone comes with a tool year contract why would anyone spend money in a phone that is dated an obsolete the date it hits Verizon wireless stores?

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