I Want to do More Research on these Dogs!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am crazy about the subject of small native dogs. There is a lot of information about them out there and I have a good chance of making my case about them. I have a good handle on the internet sources of information and am getting to the point where there is less free information and more in academic papers for which I must pay, to even read. Of course, there are books I want from Amazon, too.

I have wanted to set up a survey of local Chihuahuas, both AKC and deer type, for a long time. I want to find folks who will be willing to give me info and maybe dna swabs from their dogs. I would send the swabs to the Mars labs that does breed testing from $60-70 per beastie. I really want to know what makes up the genetics of these little guys and to definitively prove (or disprove) they are more heterogeneous than any specific breed, even though they are such a recognizable type. I am missing a fairly academic conference on Mexican dogs taking place in Yucatan this May, for lack of plane fare and hotel money. I saved up, but had another priority that interfered.

I don’t think I am at the point where setting up a non-profit would help, though I would love to get to that point- maybe even to set up a Facebook style registry/database for dogs that anybody could join and maintain their own pages. I would like to see mutts and out-crosses, all dogs, join such a registry, which would not serve the function of a kennel club, but only as a database for all dogs. AKC or other registered dogs would have a way to put up that info, too, but it would not be required to be purebred (or intact) to sign up.

I need help to do these things. I am retired and for the nonce, can use any SS money I have left after Medicare, without diving into our food money, but it is not enough to do what I wish to do. Although I am pushing 71, I am spry in mind and body and have a strong desire to get this work started before I go to the grave, which I hope is not for another few decades…

So, I decided to add a “Donate” button to this site. Please throw some money at me. At the least it will go for printer ink or copy fees, at most, I would move to set up a formal, online dog registry structure as described above. Even a $3. donation would get me started toward buying printed matter or give me the gas money to get to the Arizona Historical Society to read such tomes as, “The Enigma of the Xoloitzquintle”- in Spanish, no less! I wouldn’t mind a few thousand dollars, if you can afford it! My projects can swell to use any amount of money I get. I am very frugal and promise to squeeze every penny 3 times before spending. You may see my background info at LinkedIn.

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