Is Blogging Beneficial for Youths ?

Do you think Blogging is a good platform to start career ? Let’s see here what this post says

Caution : Reading this article may inspire you about Blogging

Oh come on !!! that was just kidding. In real sense if you want to know what are the benefits of blogging then you’ll certainly read this post otherwise will say WTF

So here the story begins. First of all I’d like to thank, you’re still here :).

Ravi , You’re talking about Blogging, Blogging and Blogging, What is this Blogging ?

Hold on, I’m just going to tell you. Its the Passions, the Interest, the Hidden Talent inside you , your Unusual Skills that you might like to share with the world in online posts, specially the Facebook status update

Blogging is all about your passion. If you are passionate and want be a different figure in crowd then choose this platform.

Yes. It’ll increase your confidence level (it’s not a joke ). If you have some skills that you want to share with others then blogs can help you to explore yourself.

Blogging is what that makes you crystal clear from inside and bring out all your skills and creativity in front of world. Beside that it also improves your writing skills

Okay Ravi !!! But make me understand what benefits I’ll be having if I choose Blogging ?

I knew, you’ll ask this question . So here are some facts that will answer your question.

Blogging is a Business in which you have own time to work. Whatever and whenever you can work. This will enhance an enthusiasm in a person as there is no supervision on him for his work. You’re your own BOSS.

Blogosphere is a place where you can earn unlimited amount of money through online sources. I said UNLIMITED . There are so many online resources that can help you earn a big amount of money. All is need to have patience and mastering the skills. If you have some skill or talent, you can make it a Niche.

There are so many person that can be found with same interest and you can earn from this self created Niche (it should be unique not the copied one)

Question for you – Is money everything for us ?

If you enter the Blogosphere, you’ll meet a lot of Blogger there. They are always supportive as I felt. You’ll get a huge support if you’re in the network of some experienced and good Bloggers .

Emotional Attack

Sahil Garg is my best Blogger buddy. I share almost everything with him. He is like a brother. After that Davinder Yadav and Mr. Atish Ranjan (can’t forget this person :)).

There are more blogger friends. I’ll tell some another day. Now just concentrate… Okay

You’ll get a number of connections if you interact with others. You can’t stay in blogosphere alone. You’ll need to have your blogging friends that always encourage you to perform more better.

After spending a fare amount of time in Blogging you’ll feel a change in yourself. You’ll be owning some specific set of skills with experience.

There are more benefits that can experienced only when you start your own blog and enter the Blogosphere.

Let me know what do you think about Blogging.

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