Resembling Genes Lead To Similar Traits And Strong Emotional Bonds

Many times when we come across family conversations hearing phases like “you are just like your dad” or “you are just like grandpa” are quite common. But why are such phrases made uses of? Sometimes because of same habits or similar personality traits people make such remarks. Is it possible for two people to have similar personality traits? Yes it is. This is possible within families itself. And the main reasons behind this phenomenon are nothing but genes.

Passed on from generation to generation, genes are responsible for the similar personality traits. Studies and stats prove that if the genetic makeup of a person closely resembles the genetic makeup of one of the parents or grandparents then the prodigy will surely resemble the same member.

The phenomenon is also known as the sexually antagonistic grandparental care. For instance, if a lady shares about 32 percent of her own genes with her granddaughter and on the contrary she passes only 24percent of them to the son of the very same son. This process is capable enough to ensure that the granddaughter and grandma will share a stronger and extra protective relationship with each other. This is also the reason why some mothers are much more attached to one kid of hers when compared to her other children. It is not that she is partial in nature but the genetic makeup, the child and mother share between them.

When a child is born its genetic makeup is a combination of both its parent’s genes. This is the general approach of people when talking about the matching traits and sentiment bonds. Still, what makes the grandma resemble the granddaughter more than any of the parents? Not only the genetic makeup but lineage and gender are also responsible for this bonding and affection. Most of the people when come across this phenomenon for the first time have various questions in their minds. Like why is the genetic makeup of granddaughter more close to that of the grandmother and not that of the father? If you have the same in your mind then here is the answer. The father when born shares the genetic makeup of his mother, later when the same son starts his family; he passes on his genes to his daughter. Apart from the son’s genes the daughter shares a big part of the grandma’s personality.

Another example of the same phenomenon is that we may come across families where both the father and mother are fair in complexion but the prodigy comes out to be dark. This might be because of any of the grandparents or great grandparents would have been with dark hues.

People tend to establish friendly relations with those who share same thought processes and hobbies. Same is the reason why a granddaughter will hold a special relationship with her grandmother who holds a big genetic makeup resemblance. They may look alike and resemble great deal. There are many similar facts to be thought over like the body structure, height and so on.

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