Rev3 Triathlon Review

About the Knoxville Rev3 Triathlon , we got a survey asking what we thought about the race. I thought I’d share my thoughts on here even though I told the race organizers as well.


I didn’t really consider this much of an expo. When we went to pick up our relay packet, they had no idea how to check us in. After several minutes, they directed us to the next line that took us at least 20+ minutes to get through. We had to take a picture and get our chip. The pictures were shown as we crossed the finish line. Once again, the relay team definitely was overlooked. They only had my mom’s picture and didn’t even have the team name. So when we raced to the finish line, it said my mom’s name, not our team name.

Once we had our picture taken, we headed across to the other side of the lawn to get our actual bags of goodies. I feel like I’m repeating myself but we had to tell them we needed 3 bags instead of one and they didn’t even have a way to check off 3 bags on my bib. The guy just made it up and handed us 3 bags.

Packet pickup involved 3 different areas. It was confusing and very time consuming in the hot sun. I was not a fan. This was the third year for this race and I was expecting that the kinks would have already been ironed out.


I really liked how everything was walkable from our hotel room. We walked down to the swim start and I accompanied mom to make sure I could carry her shoes back to transition. The swim start was probably 1.25+ miles from transition. The transition was 0.25ish miles from the swim finish. That is a really long way to run in bare feet! I was stationed by the exit of the swim and noticed that the streets weren’t even swept to help with the running in bare feet situation! I had to move some pretty large pebbles out of the way to keep people from stepping on them.

When I got to transition, I had thought there would be a relay exchange area as most triathlons appear to have. There were not any spotters to let relay members know that their teammate was coming. If my Dad hadn’t told me how far behind Matt was, I would have never known. While I was waiting, there was a relay who had no idea where their team member was. They just happened to be at the transition exit but no one knew. I was really disappointed in that.

I have to say that if you are looking for a course with fantastic volunteers and great course support, this is it! The water stops were plentiful and they were very generous with their water and powerade. Plus they were very encouraging! Since it was an out and back, there was a lot of stops. In the orientation, they mentioned that the run course was mostly shaded. It was barely shaded by the time I got there and it was blazing! I could have really used that extra shade.

Finish line:

When I was almost to the finish line, Mom and Matt joined me. They had both showered because we thought we had to book it out of there as soon as we finished. Like I mentioned earlier, Rev3 named my mom, not the team, when we crossed the finish line. I’m pretty sure that they thought my family members had just joined me at the finish like so many other families do. Mom and Matt had to convince the volunteers at the finish that they were racers so they could get their medals, shirts and towels. Why were relays forgotten in this process?

This is very minor, but when my mom did the innagural race, she received a shirt in her packet and then a finisher tech tee when she finished. We got white cotton finisher tees. Now, I didn’t pay for the registration but it seemed like for the amount that you spend on the race, you should at least receive a tech tee. And from what I could tell the half Rev and Olympic distances got the same shirts.

Once we exited the finish chute, we found some powerade, Muscle Milk but there was no food to be seen. We finally found some BBQ but it didn’t even have any signs to let runners know it was for them!


I feel like I’m really critiquing this race and I think it would have been a lot different if I wasn’t part of a relay. I really felt like the relays were forgotten which is really unfortunate. I also thought that if you are going to have an AquaBike option (swim + bike) you should have a duathlon (bike + run) option. But with all that said, I did enjoy the whole weekend. There is something about races that are just so energizing! I’m just not sure I would pay for a Rev3 race. I might do another relay if they fix some of the issues but this really big race did not seem to be organized any better than the local (much cheaper) races.

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