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When in a fast paced society where achieving is the goal and what we were set up to do, we quite often forgot about the being happy. Many people work long hours, don’t holiday enough and miss out on important parts of their children’s life, some may even be suffering from stress-related illnesses.
You could quite often cramp as much as you can into a day without stopping a really enjoying each moment, without giving yourself enough time to think, eat healthy, and relax.
All of this can be leaving you with difficulty sleeping, brain overloaded or on the verge a breakdown, so what is all of this for, so you can buy more stuff! Go on the holiday you don’t have time for and can’t even relax properly! And the question remains, is all of this making you happy? Is your quest in life to work many hours per week or to use those hours to be truly happy?
If you can answer yes to any of those questions then it is time to do a life audit so that you can slow down, reduce these out of control stresses so you can have more time to have fun and relax.
Here are some tips on how to get started:
1. First thing in the morning have some me time. Meditate, do yoga, exercise, have a walk in the park, giving yourself this time helps keep your head clear for the day.
2. In the evening turn off all communication devices. This includes your phone, mobile, Internet, and learn how to reduce these tools during the day too.
3. Do what’s important to you. Decide what is important in your life and get rid of everything else, leaving room in your life for what you love.
4. Learn to say NO. Don’t over commit yourself it is ok to say NO, yes I give you permission, it’s not selfish just realistic and guess what you don’t even have to give them a reason why, wow does that push the boundaries more!
5. Set everything up on autopilot. Have everything automatically happen, get your bills paid by direct debit, get a dog walker for lunchtime, and get the groceries delivered to your door, automatically! Giving you more time!
6. Delegate. Work out who can do certain tasks for you if you can’t put them on autopilot.
7. De-clutter your house. As the saying goes a cluttered house creates a cluttered mind. Get rid of anything you haven’t used within a year because chances are you won’t use them again.
8. Stop buying more stuff. First of all you have just de-cluttered your house so why would you want to buy more stuff and add to it, and second of all you’ll have to find the money which will add more stress in your life.
9. Do one thing at a time. Don’t overload yourself too much, keep you focused on one goal, do it well and it will be done more thoroughly and with less stress.
10. Live in the moment. Enjoy each moment you have and appreciate it, rather than thinking what you have to do in 10 minutes or what you were doing 30 minutes ago.

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